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Cannabis flowers contain up to 2% terpenes. Terpenes belong to a class of aroma compounds common in flowers, fruits and vegetables. Beside their aromatic features, terpenes are known, over thousands of years, to have explicit therapeutic properties. These properties stand in the basis of traditional and modern aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

Different cannabis strains have different terpene compositions. In addition to their own therapeutic benefits, terpenes play a major role in the therapeutic effect of cannabis in synergism with the phyto-cannabinoids, via the entourage effect.

The relationship between cannabinoids and terpenes ultimately distinguishes one strain of medical cannabis from another, and different strains are discussed for the suitability to treat different medical conditions.

Utilizing its breakthrough technology, Bazelet does not relay on natural terpenes-cannabinoids compositions, but formulate specific desired phyto-cannabinoids terpenes formulations to supply enhanced therapeutic effect in various medical conditions.

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