While cannabinoids like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most well-known compounds in cannabis, there are several other active components that contribute to its therapeutic effects.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis and many other plants that serve it with multiple functions, including defense against predators and pathogens, regulation of growth and development, and communication with other organisms.

Various members of the terpene's family are known, over many years, to have explicit therapeutic properties with a high safety profile. Terpenes interact with receptors and neurotransmitters in the brain, potentially affecting mood, stress levels, and other physiological functions. Some terpenes have demonstrated anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving), and sedative properties, among others.

Many of these medicinal benefits which have been proven in recent years through research, stand in the basis of traditional aromatherapy and modern herbal medicine.

In the context of medicinal cannabis, terpenes play a significant role in what is often referred to as the Entourage effect. This effect suggests that the combination of various compounds in cannabis, including terpenes and cannabinoids, work synergistically to produce unique therapeutic effects.

Terpenes are volatile substances and most of it lost throughout the cannabis oil production process. This is why generic cannabis oil which have not been enriched with terpenes, contain much less terpenes than the flowers from which it was extracted. The loss of terpenes changes the therapeutic effects of the oil compared to the strain from which it was produced.

What is terpene-enriched and controlled medical cannabis?

The discussion about the active ingredients of medical cannabis usually begins and ends with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). However, it is well known that cannabis contains close to 500 others natural compounds, many of which, as mentioned above, have therapeutic potential. That is why the concept of medical cannabis and its application should expand beyond a simple THC to CBD ratio.

Bazelet's Patented Standardized Terpene-enriched cannabis oils are cannabis oil products that have been formulated to contain higher concentrations of specific terpenes. These oils aim to enhance the therapeutic effects and provide a more consistent and targeted experience compared to generic or full-spectrum cannabis oils.

Bazelet's scientific division has dedicated the last decade to identifying which terpenes enhance the performance of cannabis oil for each indication or symptom and which are best to be avoided by distinct patient populations. Another important distinction that was examined is which terpenes are suitable for use during the day and which at night.

Our researchers found that administered terpenes are beneficial in some indications, but interfere in others. Analyzing large data from hundreds of thousands of users, meticulous research of preclinical and clinical data and delving into mechanisms of action and receptor effect resulted in formulations specially designed for different indications, needs and specific patient populations, for day and night use.

Advantages of terpene-enriched cannabis oils:

Targeted symptom management: Terpene-enriched oils allow for the customization of terpene profiles to target specific therapeutic effects or address particular symptoms By standardizing the levels of selected terpenes and cannabinoids and controlling the total composition, these oils are tailored to treat specific symptoms or conditions more effectively.

Consistency and predictability:

Terpene-enriched oils allow precision and therapeutic sequence in terms of active ingredients that is not possible with generic cannabis oil or inhaled cannabis. The dosage and the ratio between the active substances in the cannabis flowers tend to vary greatly, even in the same batch, even if it was grown on the same cannabis plant.

Terpene-enriched oils provide a standardized formulation with controlled terpenes, THC and CBD concentrations. This consistency allows for predictable dosing and effects, which can be particularly beneficial for medical cannabis patients who require reliable and consistent treatment outcomes.

Improved aroma and flavor: Terpenes contribute significantly to the aroma and flavor of cannabis. Terpene-enriched oils can provide a more pronounced and distinct aroma and flavor profile compared to generic oils. This can enhance the sensory experience and potentially improve patient acceptance and compliance.

Personalization: Different terpenes can elicit different effects and may be more suited to specific individuals based on their unique physiology and preferences. Terpene-enriched oils allow for personalized medicine, where patients can choose oils tailored to their individual needs and desired effects.


Bazelet’s patents in the field of adding terpenes to cannabis products

Bazelet's scientific work in the field of terpenes has been translated into the development of terpene-enriched cannabis oils dedicated to the treatment of specific conditions and populations, as well as to technological methods for the production of these oils that allow precise and tailored treatment.
Since 2016 to date, we have been managing a portfolio of 60 patent applications including granted patents in multiple territories. So far, Over 84 Bazelet's terpenes-enriched oils have been approved for marketing by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and are available in all of the pharmacies licensed to dispense cannabis in Israel.
Approved series of cannabis oils with adapted and standardized compositions of cannabinoids and terpenes are available in Israel for the treatment of women (femmican), seniors (BCANN SILVER), Alzheimer's disease and other dementias (SILVER DM), as well as for children and adults who have been diagnosed on the autistic spectrum and are dealing with emotional difficulties and behavioral disorders (BCANN ASD).

Quality of Life

When properly adjusted, medical cannabis is a treatment that has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life alongside illness. The unique variety of active substances that the cannabis plant offers and their endless combinations allows treating a wide variety of symptoms and disease states. In order to make the therapeutic potential of cannabis accessible, we must make sure that the cannabis product is suitable for the patient and his unique needs. Correct match in terms of active ingredients and not in the name of an ever-changing strain.
Adjusting the composition of cannabinoids and terpenes and maintaining a sequence of treatment (fixed doses in each dose, in each batch of product) allows for maximum efficiency with minimum side effects. Each patient needs higher doses of certain cannabinoids and terpenes, and lower doses or even avoidance of others.
Bazelet's terpene-enriched oils allow personalization of cannabis treatment and a standardized composition of THC, CBD and a panel of terpenes for a true treatment sequence in terms of active ingredients. Known doses that are fixed and controlled are essential for maintaining a therapeutic sequence, and for better management of symptoms and stable improvement in the quality of life.