Bazelet is an Innovative cannabis & terpenes company

Bazelet Group, a world leader in innovation, precision and personalization of medical cannabis, has been researching the cannabis plant and the active substances inherent in it for over a decade.

Up to date, 84 terpene-enriched cannabis oils that we have developed have been approved for marketing by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and are available in all pharmacies licensed to dispense cannabis in Israel. Since our founding, we have developed extraction technologies and terpene formulations that pave the way for the standardization of medical treatment using cannabinoids and terpenes. Our vision aims to make the most of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis through the production of precise products, tailored to the medical and personalized needs of each patient.

Our terpene-enriched cannabis oils have been developed and researched specifically for women, seniors, people dealing with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and for other specifically defined patient populations.

Bazelet's plant in Israel, the largest for the production of cannabis products in the Middle East, complies with the EU-GMP standard, and produces according to strict standards. The company implements a strict quality program starting from the seed stage, through research and development to the final product.


Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing our customers with top quality products that are safe and convenient to use. Our production sites are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and operate according to the EU-GMP standard.

We are very strict about the quality of the flowering and the raw materials, also about production and its close supervision. The cannabis flowers used in our products are closely monitored throughout all stages of growth by our agricultural division.

The quality program we operate supervises the quality of the cannabis flowers, the raw materials and the final products to make sure that the products are indeed of the highest quality and safety level. Our products are tested for pesticide residues, microbial contamination, molds, toxins and heavy metals