Our EU-GMP-approved production facilities covers the whole production process from a-z


Precise reproducible production

Cannabis contains dozens of active components, mainly phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes and its therapeutic effect substantially depends on the specific expression of each components well as on the synergism between them.

There are hundreds of different cannabis strains, and finding the most efficient, therapeutically matched strain per individual may take months of trial and error efforts. Once an optimal strain is found, the importance of reproducing this precise product is understandable. This need faces a major difficulty when using cannabis flowers, of which composition changes with various growth conditions.

Furthermore, compositions are restricted by botanical and plant genetics constrains, and many compositions are not attainable botanically.

Bazelet has several patent-pending technologies designed to answering those needs.

Bazelet has developed a proprietary grinding and homogenizing technology. Flowers are converted into large consistent batches of ground material of a size particularly suitable for use in cigarettes or for use in vaporizers. Each portion of the batch, whether small or large, has the exact same composition as another portion. Analyzing a couple of samples gives the exact composition for the whole batch.

Bazelet also has a proprietary patent-pending cannabis cigarette-producing machine, capable of producing thousands of cigarettes per hour. All cigarettes produced from the same ground batch have the exact same composition, ensuring reproducibility.

Furthermore, blending consistent and accurately analyzed ground flowers of different strains forms blends of desired compositions, including ones that are not attainable botanically.