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Bazelet technologies develops and manufactures precise accurate and reproducible medical cannabis tailor-made products of any desired composition.

Bazelet technologies develops and manufactures novel terpenes-enriched cannabis products to treat various medical conditions. These novel compositions are specifically designed to optimize treatmet efficacy, utilizing the phyto-cannabinoids – terpenes entourage effect.

To date, Bazelet collaborates with several academic medical centers in Israel to test the therapeutic efficacy of its terpenes-enriched compositions. These collaborations will initiate blinded-controlled clinical trials in several patients’ cohort.

Bazelet invites other academic medical centers and industries to collaborate, develop and clinically research its novel compositions, with the aim of improving cannabis-based treatment and helping an increasing number of treated patients.

Bazelet has so far 14 provisional patent applications with seven of them in the PCT stage. Bazelet intellectual property covers fields of extraction methods, cannabis-based veterinary composition for improving the health of bees, honey-cannabinoid composition, and its novel enhanced therapeutic terpenes-enriched cannabis compositions.

Medical cannbis oil | bazelet
Medical cannabis oil | Bazelet