Bazelet Group, a world leader in innovation, precision and personalization of medical cannabis, has been researching the cannabis plant and the active substances inherent in it for over a decade.

Up to date, 84 terpene-enriched cannabis oils that we have developed have been approved for marketing by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and are available in all pharmacies licensed to dispense cannabis in Israel. Since our founding, we have developed extraction technologies and terpene formulations that pave the way for the standardization of medical treatment using cannabinoids and terpenes. Our vision aims to make the most of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis through the production of precise products, tailored to the medical and personalized needs of each patient.

Our terpene-enriched cannabis oils have been developed and researched specifically for women, seniors, people dealing with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and for other specifically defined patient populations.

Basalt's facility in Israel, the largest for the production of cannabis products in the Middle East, produces according to strict standards, meets the EU-GMP standard. Our in-house laboratories allow us to test all batches of raw materials and final products quickly and efficiently.

Our facility in Malta also complies with the EU-GMP standard, and enables secure regular supply under controlled conditions according to the GDP standard throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other destinations. The company implements a strict quality program starting from the seed stage, through research and development and to the final product.



In order to receive the most appropriate treatment, Bazelet has developed and manufactures the entire range of compositions approved by the Ministry of Health to treat the approved medical indications under Israeli GMP regulations. These are produced both in products for smoking and vaping (flower) and in tinctures for sublingual administration (oils).

Accuracy and precision

We commit to accuracy in the composition, at a stricter deviation level than the regulatory labels in all products. Keeping the composition the same over time will allow control and confidence in the therapeutic sequence.

Science and Technology

Accuracy, homogeneity and singularity of Bazelet products are possible thanks to 12 years of experience in which extensive scientific, academic and technological knowledge has been assimilated. Basalt’s chief scientist, Prof. Ari Eyal, is a world expert in extraction technologies. Together with experts from the fields of science and technology, the team develops advanced methods dedicated to the medical cannabis industry, which are incorporated into the production procedures.

Medical industry

A technology developed by the Bazelet group guarantees an accurate and uniform product, a challenge that is not applicable in agricultural methods (due to differences in plant genetics and growing conditions). Bazelet GMP facility complies with the strictest standards of the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Medical Cannabis Unit for the creation of products (IMC-GMP). Manufacturing processes that parallel those in the pharmaceutical industry, allow the creation of therapeutic compounds that do not exist in the plant or that cannot be obtained through changes in the plant’s genetics.


Production of a large quantity and a wide variety of medical cannabis products, past and present, combined with scientific research and development established the accumulated experience of Bazelet, and enabled the development of Bazelet’s own brands – Bcann, Femmican, Silver, ASD. All Bazelet product series are accessible to patients according to medical recommendations and are subject to a license from the Israeli Ministry of Health.