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About Bazelet Technologies

Bazelet Technologies is a cannabis scientific incubator focused on developing innovative enriched-cannabis products.
Bazelet has filed so far 35 provisional patent applications, 2 of them have been granted (USA) and another 25  are in the PCT stage. Bazelet intellectual property covers fields of terpenes-enriched cannabis formulations, cannabis-based veterinary composition, honey-cannabinoid composition, extraction methods and homogenization technology in manufacturing medical cannabis products.

Bazelet’s new fully GMP compliant manufacturing plant, the largest in Israel, has the production capacity sufficient to serve the medical needs of 100,000 patients. The plant features several clean rooms for special products and will operate with a drying capacity sufficient to treat 300-400 tons of cannabis per year and with extraction capacity at around 60 tons per year.

Bazelet’s technology uses its science, diversity, creativity, vast patient knowhow and proprietary manufacturing knowledge to best serve its patients, to further improve production, to form new products and delivery methods and to explore new applications for its products.