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As part of its R&D activities, Bazelet technology conducts thorough literature reviews on several topics concerning development, manufacturing and treatment in the medical cannabis field. Among other topics, these reviews assess the efficacy of medical cannabis treatment for various neurological and neuro-degenerative diseases, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), inflammatory diseases and more. Specific attention is directed for products designed to fit the needs of geriatric population on the one hand, and pediatric population on the other. Additionally, the role of medical cannabis treatment to improve women health is carefully studied.

As part of its primary activity in developing and producing terpenes-enriched cannabis products, a thorough literature review is being done. This learns from the accumulated information in aromatherapy and herbal medicine as well as from precise designated pre-clinical and clinical studies. The therapeutic effects of the individual terpenes as well the synergism between them and phyto-cannabinoids as part of the entourage effect is deeply studied. Conclusion are translated to production of Bazelet’s novel terpenes-enriched compositions.

Our literature reviews are available for procurement and we invite you to learn from our accumulated study and understanding.

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