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Bazelet is developing proprietary cannabis formulations for treating various medical conditions.

Those formulations are based on:

  • Experience gained by thousands of Bazelet’s medical cannabis patients.
  • A thorough analysis of available clinical databases.

  • Clinical trials.

  • A thorough study of the scientific literature.

  • Learning from aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

Bazelet supplies its products to thousands of Israeli medical cannabis patients every month. As part of its routine, Bazelet talks to and personally meets its patients, starting with guiding newly-licensed patients and following experienced users on the efficacy of treatment. We get to know our patients’ medical needs and personal conditions (age, other medications, life style, etc.) and use that to guide them on selection of most suitable strains for their needs, best form and delivery method.

The accumulated data from Bazelet patients, as well as from collaborated other databases are carefully studied for correlation between composition and efficacy in treating various conditions. Further support is being gained from clinical trials in several medical centers in Israel.

The conclusions raised by these data analyses are compared to the therapeutic role of the various components, as learned from a thorough scientific review of pre-clinical and clinical data.

Conclusions from these comparisons are used to route production of new medical cannabis products composed of the most efficient phyto-cannabinoids – terpenes compositions to treat a certain medical condition.

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