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Bazelet has designed several clinical trials, which will be started in the next few months.These are formed to test the efficacy of our new terpene- enriched cannabis compositions, via cross-over blinded placebo-controlled studies. Clinical trials are administrated in collaboration with several university medical centers in Israel.

First studies are designed to study specific terpenes-enriched compositions for treating

  • Neuropathic pain – In collaboration with Prof. Elyad Davidson, Hadassah medical university center in Jerusalem.

  • PTSD– In collaboration with Hadassah medical university center, Jerusalem.

  • Epileptic children– In collaboration with Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel.

  • Geriatric population suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and psychomotor attention deficiency.

We invite further collaboration for testing designated terpene-enriched compositions to treat other medical conditions and symptoms. As terpenes blends can be produced from terpenes extracted from plants other than cannabis, e.g. citrus plants, lavender, pines, pepper and hopes; no limitation on shipment exists. An attractive option is producing the specific terpenes blends in Bazelet central production site of highest standards and shipping them to cannabis processing plans for incorporation in the final formulation.

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