Bazelet's IP

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Bazelet has filed so far 35 provisional patent applications, 2 of them have been granted (USA) and another 25  are in the PCT stage. Bazelet intellectual property covers fields or extraction methods, a cannabis-based veterinary composition for improving the health of bees, and a honey-cannabinoid composition.

A recent product of Bazelet’s innovative R&D group is a new cannabis formulation directed to enhance the therapeutic effect in an array of conditions, including treatment of pain, anxiety, insomnia, various neurological and auto-immune diseases, conditions related to women health and wellness (Femmican) and conditions characterizing geriatric populations(Bcann Silver). Another set of formulations are directed for the treatment of children, including cases of epilepsy and autism (Bcann ASD) aiming to reduce putative long-term effects in this population. Those formulations are based on cannabis enrichment with particular terpene blends, specific for each indication. Bazelet’s first patent application in this field was published, the International Search Report (ISR) promisingly found all claims possessed Utility, Novelty, and an Inventive Step.

In addition, Bazelet has in-house knowledge in IP generation and IP strategy and management, and is employing one of the best US patent firms, aiming at an aggressive generation of its IP portfolio.

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