Collaborations and Investors

International 2021-09-26T05:31:42+00:00

Bazelet utilizes its science, diversity, creativity, vast patient knowhow and proprietary manufacturing knowledge to best serve its patients, to further improve production, to form new products and delivery methods and to explore new applications for its products.

Bazelet conducts several collaborations and agreements aimed to test and promote its innovative cannabis products.

Such collaborations are mainly in two areas:

  • Forming JV’s across North America, Europe and Australia, to locally create and sell Bazelet’s proprietary terpene formulations (under our own brand or as white label) in locally manufactured finished CBD/THC enriched products.

  • With our eyes towards export, Bazelet has signed multiple supply agreement to export flower and cannabis oil overseas.

If you are interested to team up with us, send us your contact details and we will get back to you!