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Meir Ariel  

CEO & Co-Founder

Meir Ariel, retired from the IDF in 1993 as a Lieutenant Colonel after graduating from the Military Academy and serving as a battalion commander; served in the military reserves as the Golani Brigade’s Chief of Staff; managed a construction firm; joined A. Barak Security and lead it since 2007; co-founded Bazelet, first as a department of A. Barak and later as an independent firm fully dedicated to medical cannabis.

Prof. Aharon (Ari) Eyal

CEO & Co-Founder

Prof. Aharon (Ari) Eyal is a retired Professor of Applied Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; author of 80 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters; was involved in more than 300 industrial projects in about 70 firms worldwide, including multinational, multi-billion dollar companies (20 years with the agri-giant Cargill, >$100 Billion); inventor of more than 200 patent families and patent applications; founded several startup companies.

Dr. Noa Raz

Senior scientist

Dr. Noa Raz holds a PhD in neuroscience from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During the last 10 years, she conducts clinical studies incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach to understand mechanism and repair in multiple neurological diseases. She has authored over 20 papers in peer-reviewed journals.  Noa leads the clinical research in Bazelet. This work is directed to evaluate the therapeutic role of selected cannabinoid-terpenes formulations to treat specific medical conditions.

Dr. Dana Berneman-Zeitouni

R & D manager

Dana earned her MSc and PhD degrees in human genetics and biochemistry from Tel Aviv university. She is also a licensed herbelist, served as a researcher at the Stem cell and regenerative center and as a research manager at the neurosurgery department at Tel-Hashomer hospital in the field of MRI Guided focused ultrasound for Parkinson. She also served as a lab manager at the Technion institute. She has authored papers in the fields of regenerative medicine and cancer. Dana leads the R & D in Bazelet and her work is aimed to develop new and improved cannabis-based products and formulations to treat specific medical conditions.

Dr. Alon Eisenberg

Medical Director

Graduated Debrecen university Faculty of Medicine; Clinical Herbalist & Naturopath; diverse interdisciplinary clinical experience in conventional, herbal & integrative medicine in the EU & Israel; managed professional medical content for a variety of medical companies and organizations; MD thesis focused on pharmacotherapy novel approaches of major depression disorder.

Iso Heller  

Pharmaceutical division manager

Iso earned her B.Pharm from  the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and MSc in molecular biology and human genetics from Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University. Iso is an experienced manager and head pharmacist in leading drugstore chain in Israel. She is specialized in management, training, customer care, sales and various aspects of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and retail business. At Bazelet, Iso is head of pharmaceutical division and  product regulations and she is responsible for developing patient instruction methodology and continuing care protocols.

Asif Shitrit

Analytical manager

Asif earned her BSc of Biotechnology and agriculture from Tel-Hay College. She served as lab technician at a herbal medicine company, where she gained vast knowledge in herbal medicine production. At Bazelet, Asif is the lab manager and she is the supervisor of the production and analytical issues.

Yehuda Hevroni

Extractor manager

Yehuda  obtained his biotechnology and biomedicine diploma from the Tel Hai College institute. Yehuda served as a research assistant and as a lab technician at the agriculture research and technology institute, Migal . At Bazelet, Yehuda is head of extraction field manufacturing.